Australian International Palliative Education & Consultancy Services (AIPEACS)


Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society (JECCS), established more than 30 years ago in 1985 in Osaka, has been devoting its activities to provide doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals with educational opportunities for cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other adult diseases and with public awareness activities for the general public. We know that Julie Paul has been actively involved in providing palliative care for patients with cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

They have visited many cities in Japan and conducted educational programs in the field of palliative care. The first visit to JECCS occurred in 2007. Since then they have returned to Osaka many times and provided us with training opportunities and practical assistance. We treasure our association of many years since 2007 and value highly of their fine personalities and the established reputation about their training programs.

JECCS started since 2009 to send four or five nurses to the Palliative Care Training Couse in Melbourne, provided by Julie Paul. We received excellent feedback from the participants and we intend to continue this project hereafter. We are pleased to say that from these participants in Australia, the number of home-visiting nurses are on the increase who actively participate in providing palliative care in communities all around  Japan.

The estimated number of elderly population at age 65 or older is currently 35 million in Japan. The population aging rate reached 27.3% in year 2016 which means Japan ranked number one in the world as the super-aged society. This ratio is expected to increase even higher. It is a pressing task to put in place an environment that will enable an elderly citizen to live alone safely.

We strongly recommend the palliative care educational programs provided by the Australian International Palliative Education and Consulting Services with Julie Paul as the director, to all those healthcare professionals who have earnest desire to provide those suffering from cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other elderly people with palliative care.

Jointly signed by:









Masaya Kino, MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA, FACP

President, Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society (JECCS) – Osaka, Japan

Board Chair Hokusetsu General Hospital – Takatsuki-shi, Osaka, Japan


Dr. Tsunekazu Takashina, MD, PhD, FACC, FAHA

Board Chairman, Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society (JECCS) – Osaka, Japan





私たちの団体、臨床心臓病学教育研究会(JECCS)は、1985年に設立以来、30年以上にわたり医師、看護師や薬剤師、その他の医療専門職に対して循環器疾患や癌などの生活習慣病についての教育、啓発活動に取り組んできました。Julie Paul氏とTim Paul氏は癌患者や循環器疾患患者に対する緩和ケアに早くから取り組んでこられました。日本を度々訪問され、日本の各地で教育研修活動を行っておられます。そのような中で、我々JECCS研修センターにも何回も訪問していただき教育研修の機会をいただきました。Julie Paul氏とTim Paul氏は大変人柄もよく、誰にでも分かりやすく教育をされることで定評があります。

JECCSではJulie Paul氏の主催される緩和ケアトレーニング・プログラムに日本全国から応募してきた循環器専門ナースの中から、2009年より毎年4〜5名を選抜してオーストラリアへ派遣しています。受講者の評判は大変素晴らしく、今後もこのプログラムを継続していく予定です。このプログラムの受講者の中から訪問看護師として各地で活躍する人たちが増えています。

我が国の65歳以上の高齢者人口は3,500万人となり、総人口に占める割合(高齢化率)は、2016年現在で27.3%となり、我が国は現在世界一の高齢社会です。今後この割合はさらに高くなり、高齢者が一人で安心して生活できる環境を整備することは喫緊の課題です。私はJulie Paul氏が主催されている緩和ケア研修を、循環器疾患や癌患者、その他高齢者の緩和ケアを志しておられる方に自信を持ってお勧めします。



I am Prof. Dr. Naomi Yamasaki of Kio University, which is located in Nara Prefecture, Japan.  This time, I would like to introduce about Ms. Julie Paul.  She is a specialist palliative care nurse and was one of the first 4 Nurse Practitioners in Palliative Care in Victoria, Australia.

I met Ms. Julie Paul in 2005. After that, she has visited Japan several times and is giving a wonderful lecture on understanding of palliative care. Specifically, we are doing the following lecture activities.

For example,

(1) practical guidance on how to communicate to people with dementia living in Group Homes and Japanese Nursing homes in Japan.

(2) Her lecture was palliative care, Dementia Care in Hyogo Medical University (Kobe city) in 2011, Aichi prefectural  University (Nagoya city) in 2011, Kobe city Nursing University (Kobe city) in 2011, Miyagi University (Miyagi prefecture) in 2013, and Kio University (Nara prefecture) in 2017.

(3) In Miyagi Prefecture, after the Great East Japan Earthquake, she was visiting temporary houses in Onagawa Cho. So, while listening to the story of the elderly people who were victims, She was very empathic at that time.

Also, as a palliative care specialist  her lecture is a catalyst to change the perception of Japanese nursing professionals regarding pain management and definition of palliative care.  In addition, when our Japanese researchers and university teachers go to study in Melbourne, they introduce Nursing home and faculty members of the university, so they are very valuable human resources.  From these facts, it was very meaningful that Ms. Julie Paul was a great person and helping to exchange nursing between Japan to Melbourne Australia.

Prof. Dr. Naomi Yamasaki of Kio University









  • 日本のグループホームや特別養護老人ホームなどにおいて認知症の人とコミュニケーションの実践に関する講義
  • 2011年には、兵庫医療大学(神戸市)、愛知県立大学(名古屋市)、神戸市看護大学(神戸市)、2013年には宮城大学(宮城県)、2017年には畿央大学(奈良県)において緩和ケアや認知症ケアに関する講演を行っています。
  • 宮城県においては、東日本大震災後に女川町の仮設住宅の訪問しています。そこで、被災者した高齢者の話を聴きながら当時の状況に涙を流していました。




Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Naomi Yamasaki

畿央大学 健康科学部看護医療学科 教授 山崎尚美

After retiring from my position as a Director of Nursing at a municipal hospital in Nara, Japan, I was considering what I really wanted to do for the rest of my life as a nurse.

In 2006, I had the opportunity to listen to Mrs. Julie Pauls’ presentation about Palliative Care in Australia at a Social Welfare Conference in Nara.   I was so impressed about the advancement of Palliative Care in Australia.  It confirmed my belief Japanese Palliative Care could improve in many ways.

After Julies’ presentation I met with her and talked about Palliative Care.  Since then, for more than ten years, I have made many arrangements for Julie to conduct presentations at nursing schools, colleges, nursing organisations and community groups within Japan.  These groups now recognize how important Palliative Care is for people who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and how they can benefit from early referral to palliative care.

Julie is a very respected educator of palliative care in Japan.  I will continue to introduce Julie Paul of the Australian International Palliative Education and Consultancy Services (AIPEACS) to organisations in Japan as long as I can

Mrs. Kayoko Kinoshita

Director of Nursing (Ret) Board Member of the Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society (JECCS) Osaka, Japan

私は奈良県にある県立病院で看護部長をしておりましたが、定年退職をする際 看護師としてこれから何をしたいかを模索しておりました。

2006年に奈良県で開催された社会福祉に関する講演会でJulie Paul 氏の「オーストラリアにおける緩和ケア」の講演を聴く機会を得ました。私はその時 オーストラリアでは 緩和ケアが日本よりはるかに進んでおり国民に提供されている事を知りました。そして日本でもっと緩和ケアを広めていく事を私の使命に決めました。

講演会の後 Julie Paul 氏と会って緩和ケアについて色々と意見交換をする事ができましたが、それ以来10年以上に渡って彼女の講演会を日本で企画してきました。



Julie Paul 氏は日本においても緩和ケアの教育者として高く認知されています。

私はオーストラリア国際緩和ケア教育. コンサルティングサービス株式会社の ディレクターであるJulie Paul 氏を機会があれば是非ご紹介したいと思います。

Mrs. Kayoko Kinoshita

木下佳代子 公益社団法人 臨床心臓病学教育研究会 参与

Julie Paul氏は臨床心臓病学教育研究会(JECSS)での理事をしている関係でご縁を頂きました。日本では緩和ケアに対し“がん患者”、“終末期”のイメージがまだ強い印象があり理解の不十分さを感じます。そこで現在勤務している大阪滋慶学園でJulie Paul氏に2013年、2015年と2回に渡って、学生や臨床看護師を対象に研修の機会を頂きました。参加者からは緩和ケアの対象の広さ、死生観の重要性、実践的でわかりやすい内容であるなどの感想とともに、多くの刺激を受け有意義な時間であったという感謝の言葉をたくさん頂きました。今年度5月にも研修を企画しております。またJulie Paul氏とお会いし、参加者と一つとなり多くの人のこころを揺さぶる講義を聞けることを楽しみにしております。
今、この時代、Julie Paul氏の緩和ケアの講義、講演を多くの方に届くことを願っています。
Yuriko Toyota

Vice Principal Osaka College of Health and Welfare and Advisor to Osaka Jikei Gakuen , April 2019

Now, Japan is a full-fledged aged society. With increasing chronic disease patients as well as the cancer patients, the continuous palliative care which supports the patient’s QOL is expected.
In “The Organization of discussion in the Study Group on the further promotion of palliative care in cancer, etc. 2016” by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, it tells us that Japan needs urgently to construct the society in which people spend their time without any pain or difficulty to live as fundamental human rights.
As I am a board member of the Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society (JECCS), I had a chance to make her acquaintance. We still have a deep impression in Japan that palliative care is for cancer patients or end-of-life care. To my disappointment, we have a lack of understanding of it. Then I asked Julie to have the lectures on palliative care in 2013 and 2015 for the students and the clinical nurses at Osaka Jikei Gakuen, where I am working. After the talks, I found in their valuable feedback that they got the knowledge that palliative care focused on not only for cancer patients but for more various disease patients and the importance of view of life and death. Also, they appreciated as they were profoundly impressed and had a meaningful time with practical and clear lectures.
We plan her seminar in May 2019. I am looking forward to meeting Mrs. Julie Paul again and her impressive lectures.
I hope that many people come to her lectures to get something on palliative care.
Yuriko Toyota

Vice Principal Osaka College of Health and Welfare and Advisor to Osaka Jikei Gakuen , April 2019

It has been my great fortune to known Mr. Tim Paul for a period of more than 10 to 12 years. His service to Community Activities, the Victoria Police Force and in particular his Head Office involvement with my local community palliative organisation as a  Liaison Officer brought this vital social instrumentality from its founding days, to the very much acclaimed community facility it is today. Tim in conjunction with the Immediate past CEO fostered the growth and high standards of the group in so many ways. His ability to communicate with every one he met (at all levels), his sense of truth and need to get things moving was felt and appreciated by those he came in contact with.
John Thomas Rickard

FIE Aust.(Ret) Senior Project Eng. AMCOR (Ret).

I became aware of my local community palliative care service when my husband had progressive cancer. It was such a relief to meet wonderful people such as Julie and Tim Paul. I cannot speak highly enough of Julie and Tim as they have been a great help and comfort to me. Tim is very passionate about enhancing community knowledge of specialist community palliative care and the importance of the carer role. Tim and I presented together at an AGM of a National Seniors group. This was a great opportunity for me to highlight a carers perspective. The partnership approach enabled different perspectives to be heard.
Yvonne Mee

Kio University Nursing Students - Nara - Japan

Attended lectures by Julie Paul in 2016