Our People

Our People

Julie Paul

Julie Paul






Julie Paul has over 38 years’ experience in nursing, including 25 years in specialist community palliative care.  Between 2007 and 2017 Julie was the Executive Officer of a Melbourne based specialist community palliative care service.

During this time, she implemented clinical model changes to meet the changing palliative care environment and improve the services responsiveness to client care.  Julie developed a very successful Consumer Advisory Committee to guide service development and improvement.  Julie has overseen many accreditations with maximum accreditation status achieved and has a reputation of adopting sound financial principles.

Prior to becoming Executive Officer, her experience included establishing and being the Director of a Specialist Palliative Care Learning Centre, being one of the first four endorsed Victoria Palliative Care Nurse Practitioners, and roles of Business Development Manager and Quality Manager.

Julie was also an inaugural Australian National Peer Reviewer for the National Standards Assessment Program (NSAP) for Palliative Care Australia.

She has been a partner with and led many palliative care projects across a variety of palliative care settings including aged care, Aboriginal Health and the disability sector.  In 2017 Julie represented metropolitan specialist community palliative care organisations on the Victorian Government End of Life Policy Implementation Steering Group.  Julie has extensive experience and skills in strategic planning, communicating with stakeholders, consumers and  government representatives.  She has delivered many palliative care courses, seminars and workshops within Australia, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Japan.

Since July 2020, Julie has been a Director on the Board of Seymour Health.   Julie was awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the 2021 Queens Birthday honors,  for her services to Community Health.

ジュリーは結婚35周年を迎え、二人の子供と4人の孫がいます。 孫のお世話をする傍ら、休日には趣味のガーデニングを楽しんでいます。 澄んだ空気の中で、庭の椿、つつじ、くちなし、もみじ、桜などを眺めながらリラックスし、セルフケアをしています。 有機栽培をした野菜たちを家族の食卓に並べるのも楽しみの一つです。

ジュリー・ポールは38年以上の看護師経験を持ち、そのうち25年は地域に密着した緩和ケア専門看護師として貢献してきました。 2007年から2017年の間、ジュリーはメルボルンに本拠を置く地域密着型緩和ケアサービスの執行役員を務めました。この間、彼女は変化する緩和ケア環境を満たすために臨床モデルの変更を実施し、クライアントケアへのサービスの応答性を改善しました。さらに、彼女はサービス開発と改善の指針となる消費者諮問委員会を設立しました。



彼女は、高齢者ケア、アボリジニの健康、そして障害者ケア分野を含むさまざまな緩和ケア環境で、多くの緩和ケアプロジェクトを指導しました。 2017年にはビクトリア州政府終末期医療政策実施促進チーム  で、都市部専門在宅緩和ケア組織代表を務めました。

ジュリーは長期計画、ステークホルダーや消費者および政府関係者とのコミュニケーションにおいて豊富な経験とスキルを持っています。オーストラリアと日本において、多くの緩和ケアに関するにコース、セミナー、ワークショップを開催しています。 ジュリーは緩和ケア部門においてさまざまな認定資格を得ており、健全な財務管理で評価されています。

ジュリーは長期計画、ステークホルダーや消費者および政府関係者とのコミュニケーションにおいて豊富な経験とスキルを持っています。 オーストラリア国内のみならず、クアラルンプールや香港そして日本において、多くの緩和ケアに関するにコース、セミナー、ワークショップを開催しています。 ジュリーは緩和ケア部門においてさまざまな認定資格を得ており、健全な財務管理で評価されています。

Julie has the following qualifications: Master of Primary Health Care –  Flinders University Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Community Health) Monash University Bachelor of Applied Science (Nursing) Monash University Certificate – Applied Aspects of Loss and Grief – Victoria University

Tim Paul

Tim Paul

Tim Paul has 27 years’ experience as a Victoria Police officer retiring as a Senior Sergeant.  His policing career covered roles as an operational member, detective and project manager.  In 1999 Tim was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study critical incident stress management in five countries.  He was the project manager responsible for implementing the first pilot of the Victoria Police Peer Support Program and retired with multiple commendations for his work performance.  In 2004 Tim was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the Victoria Government, Minister for Police and Emergency Services, recognising significant contribution towards assisting family members who have suffered personal grief.

Tim was associated with a specialist community palliative care service for 22 years, firstly as a volunteer for 10 years and later as an employee for 12 years’ in the area of community engagement & health promotion.   Tim has liaised extensively with media, local government and community groups and has experience working with Aboriginal organisations and many multi-cultural groups.  In 2004 he was awarded Life Membership of a specialist community palliative care service for his dedicated voluntary service.  Tim has the following qualifications:  Graduate Diploma Public Administration – Policing, Charles Sturt University, Associate Diploma – Police Studies, Chisholm Institute, Certificate Applied Aspects of Loss and Grief, Victoria University.