Palliative care education is tailored to your organisational needs.   Workshops can be developed for 1-2 hours or longer and can be customised to the needs of your team members.

Examples of palliative care workshops include:

  • Caring for your community
  • How to implement a health promotion approach in delivering palliative care
  • Palliative care philosophy
  • Pain assessment
  • Pain management
  • Death and dying
  • Symptom management for example dyspnea, constipation, nausea and vomiting
  • Carer support
  • Staff support
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Loss and Grief
  • Communication skills

Example of 3 day Australian Health and Palliative Care Study Tour  

Please note this example of a 3-day study tour can be customised according to the interests and needs of study tour participants.

Day 1:  Lectures 

0900        Introductions and overview of schedule for next 3 days

0930        Model of Health Care in Australia including aspects of community care (General perspective)

1100        Morning tea

1115        Palliative Care Philosophy in Australia

1300        Lunch

1330        Health Promotion in Palliative Care: Community Engagement

1500        Afternoon Tea

1515        Questions, points for clarification

1530        Day completed


Day 2:   Visits to Health Facilities

0900         Visit Aged Care Facility

1030         Morning Tea

1130         Visit Aged Care Facility

1300         Lunch

1400         Visit Hospital Palliative Care Unit

1530         Day completed


Day 3:       Lectures
0900          Communication in Palliative Care (particular focus to be determined)

1015          Morning Tea

1030          The role of specialist massage in palliative care (or other therapies, for example Art, Music &

Occupational therapists) including practical session by participants

1200          Lunch

1230          Overview of pain including assessment and opioids

1430          Afternoon Tea

1445          Reflections on Learnings / Questions

1515          Certificate presentations

1530          Study Tour Completed




JECCS Course No.1 – Held in Melbourne, Australia, February 2018.

Feedback from students:

from Otani Asami

“I participated in a 4-day palliative care training, and to a calm and humorous personality of Julie and Tim.  I was able to receive a fulfilling training with great peace of mind. During the training you will learn more than you can imagine.  There was a new discovery, a great experience in my life and a good encounter.”

from Hiromi Ishii

“Man is born with dignity and dies with dignity”  This is the word that I always want to keep in mind.  What we can do for healthcare workers to protect “dignity” which is forgotten by advanced medical treatment is that,  It is to give that opportunity to everyone. What kind of opportunities are there in training in Australia?  I learned how it can be realised From now on, we will share the importance of quality of life among staff,  I would like to make an effort to have the right palliative care.  I appreciate the warm hospitality at the site. Thank you very much.

from Yuka Maekawa

We were given the opportunity to learn about palliative care in Australia.  Julie, who was a lecturer in this training, was a specialist in palliative care, and I was able to have a very meaningful training by listening to valuable stories from those who have been working on the field face to the training institutes I visited.  The situation at present is that a palliative care person in Japan is limited to a very small number of diseases, and despite being a similar aging society,    I want to work to spread even a little bit of what I learned from Julie this time.