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This month’s discussion relates to the need for us to consider the support that may be required for those grieving the loss of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Grief and Loss at any time is distressing.  As Professor Allan Kellehear, explains,

“…grief is a normal, sorrowful reaction to losing something or someone you love.  You can’t love somebody and then lose them and not feel sorrow, feel grief. So it’s normal, it’s cross-cultural, it’s universal, it’s timeless. It won’t destroy you.  Everyone’s grief is unique it rarely occurs as a one off experience to be overcome.    It will come and revisit you. And you’ll adjust to it differently when it comes back. You’ll feel different about it in one year, in five years and in 20 years. It will be a part of your life because we are talking about attachment, relationships and love.”