On 25  June 2023, JECCS (Japanese Educational Clinical Cardiology Society) held a seminar via zoom with Julie Paul OAM as guest presenter, representing AIPEACS (Australian International Palliative Education and Consultancy Services).  There were 13 participants, 10 nurses, 2 pharmacists, a dieticianand a specialist interpreter.  The seminar was co-sponsored by JECCS and the AJF (Australia Japan Foundation).   JECCS planned, organised and facilitated the event very professionally and successfully.  Organisers and group facilitators consisted of medical doctors, nurses and administration staff.  The co-sponsorship by the AJF was essential for the events implementation and success.

Valued feedback was received.

Thank you very much for your wonderful  lecture yesterday.  ACP is essential for individuals to live well. Thinking of death is equally thinking how to live well.  As you know, many Japanese are not good at talk about  ACS.  It’s a good chance for our colleagues and me to learn ACP, especially how to start ACP.  Let’s start conversation.

Today’s meeting was very wonderful. I enjoyed your lecture.  There were many participants from all over Japan and from far away.  Many of my colleagues who served as facilitators came from far away, and they stayed at a nearby hotel from Saturday, the day before, to prepare for the meeting.  I felt the passion of those who participated.  Thank you very much for your help today.

We are very happy to have accomplished successfully this project and we will continue to working forward to the next step for the patient centered care.  Please keep contact with us from now on and exchange our thoughts about palliative care.

Pictured below are the JECCS organisers and facilitators.  Below that photo is the course participants proudly displaying their certificates.