On the 16 July 2019 AIPEACS, Australian International Palliative Education and Consultancy Services, provided a voluntary presentation to the Heidelberg Warringal Lions Club.  The Heidelberg Warringal Lions are a wonderful club who have tirelessly helped their community on many projects within their boundaries.   It was a pleasure to interact with the membership on a range of topics.   Our talk involved answering many questions about Aged Care, Palliative Care, Advance Care Planning Directives and the new Assisted Dying legislation.   AIPEACS wish to give back to the community we worked with for over 30 years in the north east suburbs.   Our experience has shown there is a gap of knowledge within the community of what some may perceive as challenging subjects.   Our best wishes go to Heidelberg Warringal Lions Club for their future endeavors.  Pictured below are Max Ford President Heidelberg Warringal Lions with Julie Paul of AIPEACS.